Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Breast feeding vs insufficient money in local IPTAs

  • Recently, 2 stories were widely discussed in most social medias. 
  • Many people tried to show their professional opinions about the issues.
  • Sometimes, it is so difficult to understand the people's perceptions though.
  • I still remember, it was hardly seen for mothers to breastfeeding their infants openly long time ago.
  • But, when the mother breastfeeds the infant and take video or photos and published openly, I think it is not appropriate.
  • But, since we are living in the democratic country so everyone deserves to express his/her opinion though.
  • Another interesting issue is about some students suffered a lot in local universities.
  • I was a student in a local university back in 1993.
  • Since my family background was not as fortunate to others, I always remind myself to be very careful in spending money.
  • A student can save a lot if he/she plans his/her spending well.
  • From my observation in UUM, some students spend their money unnecessarily on unimportant things. 
  • Sadly, some of them are from poor family but try to show off to their friends.
  • I hope the students can change their mindset. 
  • etc

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016.....A New Direction & Dream

  1. 2016 is a very significant year for me.
  2. I will have more opportunities to concentrate on my academic works.
  3. Furthermore, my term as the Director of Universiti Utara Malaysia ended on 31 December 2015.
  4. I took charge of Alumni Centre for 4 and half years. (1/7/2011-31/12/2015)
  5. It was a golden opportunity for to be attached to the Alumni Centre as I managed to get to know so many alumni in various industries.
  6. I would like to thank the management of UUM of giving me the opportunity to lead the alumni and strengthen the relationships among alumni and UUM.
  7. Now, I will focus more on my AP DS54 application.
  8. I pray to Allah to give me more prosperous life....amiin
  9. etc.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A long break....

  1. My friends asked me about my long break in updating my blog.
  2. I have been so stressful with multiple the new tasks and responsibilities given by the management.
  3. It has been nearly 4.5 years for me in the office of the Alumni Director.
  4. So many visits to re-establish rapport with alumni done...(in fact, there will be more...)
  5. I feel that good network with alumni should be emphasized in the first hand before asking them to contribute back to the university.
  6. Not all alumni are interested to contribute money to the university unless they feel more comfortable and pleasant with the university.
  7. In fact, when I visited UMK last week, the Dean of Alumni and Student Affairs shared her findings from a research  project.
  8. People are willingly to donate to the religious related activities program rather than contribute to the university. 
  9. etc.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Heat.....

  1. The incidents at the Loyat finally "solved" as reported by the IGP.
  2. So many theories and stories were heard.
  3. I also don't know which one to believe.
  4. Some shared the cctv footage to support their claims.
  5. Early reports posted in the news also showed different stories from the recent IGP comments and concluding remarks for the incident.
  6. But, I don't bother much.
  7. We are facing accelerated prices of goods, fuel, utilities etc.
  8. What are the actions taken to handle these issues?
  9. etc....

Sunday, July 12, 2015


  1. So many interesting incidents happened this week.
  2. The Loyat Chronicle: A story of counterfeit hand-phone sold at the price of original and genuine hand-phone price....
  3. The unpleasant story of 1MGB......which Tun M relentlessly highlighted about the unknown and mysterious RM42 billions status...
  4. The accounts (or private banking accounts) of a VVIP have been disclosed by an international journal....with tonnes of unexpected circumstances.
  5. A VVIP wife also has been allegedly to have an account in a local bank.
  6. So many transactions amounted to RM 2 million was reported to this bank account.
  7. Concerned citizens (?) reported they managed to bank RM1.00 into the above said bank account in order to check the ingenuity of the account though. 
  8. What else am I expecting before the month of Ramadhan ends???
  9. Err....I just went back from KL for a meeting and iftar with alumni.....
  10. etc. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ramadhan 1436H....

  1. My friend asked me the reason for a long silence....(not updating my blog)
  2. So many reasons can be given to him.
  3. But the main reason is due to my workload at the alumni centre.
  4. So many things need to be done and settled especially when it comes to the funding issues.
  5. I have told the management that with the current workforce, it is really difficult.
  6. Most of the management team have never worked in the industry before they joined UUM.
  7. I was a salesman before joining UUM back in 1997.
  8. It provided me very good experiences though, especially interpersonal skills.
  9. In order to close a sale deal, you may need to meet the person in charge of that organisation 3 or 4 times.
  10. The ability of providing sufficient fund to accommodate the sales and marketing efforts must be abundant.  
  11. etc.... (to be continued)....

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Harvard University versus local universities?

  1. The University of Harvard (Harvard University) is very well known in the world. 
  2. It offers various programs to accommodate multi levels of potential students.
  3. And, it is reported that most of the MBA holders from Harvard University are very successful in their careers.
  4. Some of the Harvard Alumni are the key figures in various industries, top politicians, multi billionaire and so on and so forth.
  5. This morning, I received an email forwarded by top management.
  6. A link of an article published by the Harvard Alumni Office about one their alumni, John Alfred Paulson.
  7. He has pledged to contribute USD$400 million to one of the schools in Harvard University.
  8. As I predicted, this multi billionaire is a successful hedge fund manager.
  9. He has obtained a scholarship from from  Sidney J. Weinberg/Goldman Sachs in 1980 to enter Harvard University.
  10. His details can be read from wikipedia.
  11. To compare the philanthropies in Malaysia and western countries seems very ridiculous.
  12. I always attend a monthly meeting with Alumni Centre Directors of public and private universities.
  13. The issues of donations and contributions from alumni to universities always being discussed.
  14. Even, in my universities, some of the head of departments also  always voiced out their concerns about the lack of commitment to contribute back to university by the alumni.
  15. I just smile.....because some of them also graduated from local/public universities.
  16. They are not even contribute back to their alma maters....... in terms of consistent money donation.
  17. Interestingly, some suggest salary deduction should be implemented.....ha ha...ha....
  18. p/s: an interesting fact, that there are some people are reluctant to pay maintenance fee of their housing gated-property........and they are the ones who make so much noises about contribution......