Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Breast feeding vs insufficient money in local IPTAs

  • Recently, 2 stories were widely discussed in most social medias. 
  • Many people tried to show their professional opinions about the issues.
  • Sometimes, it is so difficult to understand the people's perceptions though.
  • I still remember, it was hardly seen for mothers to breastfeeding their infants openly long time ago.
  • But, when the mother breastfeeds the infant and take video or photos and published openly, I think it is not appropriate.
  • But, since we are living in the democratic country so everyone deserves to express his/her opinion though.
  • Another interesting issue is about some students suffered a lot in local universities.
  • I was a student in a local university back in 1993.
  • Since my family background was not as fortunate to others, I always remind myself to be very careful in spending money.
  • A student can save a lot if he/she plans his/her spending well.
  • From my observation in UUM, some students spend their money unnecessarily on unimportant things. 
  • Sadly, some of them are from poor family but try to show off to their friends.
  • I hope the students can change their mindset. 
  • etc

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